June 27, 2017

Year 3 of Blogging

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Doesn’t seem like I published my first blog post 3 years ago today! I remember when I pushed publish I was so so nervous but excited all at the same time. What a lot of people don’t know is that I kept my blog a secret from my friends and family for the longest time. I guess I was just scared of what people would think! I’m from a very small town and I don’t even know if people knew what blogging even meant. I finally built up enough courage to start sharing my blog posts/photos on my personal accounts and I was surprised to see how supportive people were! Don’t get me wrong, there were definitely people who made fun of me and still do but I’ve learned to just deal with it. Not everyone is accepting. The only thing that matters is that I love blogging, who cares about anyone else!

How did you grow your blog?

I wish there was a secret answer to this. Just last week I hit 10K followers on Instagram which took me 3 years. It wasn’t until the past year or so I’ve really tried to focus on my photos and creating great content. Find your niche, build blogger relationships, and love what you do!

Is blogging time consuming?

YES! It’s basically like having a full time job. You have to plan outfits, plan photoshoots, edit photos, write up blog posts, link all your outfit details, etc…..the list goes on and on. Even though it’s super time consuming, I love it! You just have to plan ahead and be organized.

What kind of camera do you use?

Canon EOS Rebel T5 with a 50mm lens. Right now, it does the job but I’m looking to upgrade soon.

How do you get to work with companies?

I reach out to companies with post ideas or they reach out to me if they like my content.

Who takes your pictures?

For the longest time my mom took them. Now that I’ve moved I’m teaching Levi how to take them! I also hire photographers from time to time.


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