January 15, 2016

Ultra Matte Lipsticks


If you follow on me Instagram then you’ve seen me raving about these ultra matte lipsticks like everyday.  Not only do they have beautiful colors but they are unbelievably affordable! They are only $6.00 a piece unlike Anastasia’s which are $20. Now I haven’t tried the Anastasia ones personally and I’m sure they are amazing, at least that’s what I’ve heard but for someone on a budget these Colourpop ones are great! The only downfall I’ve found with these are that they come off fairly easy when you eat. Luckily this only happens around the middle of your lips so the color is still lining your lips making it easy to reapply with out the hassle of trying to get it precise again, if you know what I mean! Below you’ll see pictures of Stingraye, Lax, and Tulle. I have my eye on Clueless and Creeper.

I hope this helps if you are someone who has been debating on Colourpop. You can also get$5 off your first order but entering your email. BTW I’m doing a giveaway on Instagram soon, you won’t want to miss this. Follow HERE.





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