January 1, 2015

True life: I have a shopping problem.


So I’ve come to realize I have a serious shopping addiction and being a clothing hoarder my entire life makes things even worse. If I see a good deal how can I not get it? That’s my motto when browsing through a cute store. The amount of clothing I’ve bought in the month of December is crazy!

With that being said I am going to TRY my hardest to go 30 days with no shopping, clothing that is. Even though I’ve already gone a week without shopping in store or online I’ll officially start counting down the days starting today. If you have this problem too then join me and we can restrain ourselves together.

This may be the longest 30 days of my life…Day 1 complete!



  1. I love shopping too, I really need to cut back on spending. Good luck!

  2. i might have to do the same!


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