July 23, 2015

top knot tutorial

top bun tutorial

First off, I usually do the top knot when my hair is dirty from not washing it or If I wore it naturally curly the day before(it’s super big and frizzy the next day, especially when I brush it out). I find that if I do it after I brush my natural curls out it makes for a bigger bun! If it’s super dirty I’ll just spray some dry shampoo on my roots and move along with the top bun.

top bun tutorial

If you’re hair is dirty or flat then I suggest teasing some of the end pieces so the bun will be fuller. If you want a  smaller bun then skip this step!

top bun tutorial

top bun tutorial

You are going to start gathering your hair to the top of your head, like you are about to put it up in a high pony. I’m not super precise with this because I like mine to be messy.

top bun tutorial top bun tutorial

Start wrapping the hair around your finger until it starts to look like a bun(second picture). Then take your pony tail holder and wrap it around the bottom part of the bun. I usually wrap my pony tail holder around twice. It will be a little loose but that what bobby pins are for!

top bun tutorial

Before securing it into place you want to pull at it a bit. Not too hard because you don’t want pieces falling out (if that happens just bobby pin them back up!). I twist mine around quite a bit to get it full and the shape I want it. Like I said before I like mine messy so you can’t really go wrong wit this step.

top bun tutorial

Once you get the shape you want start sticking bobby pins in the bottom of the bun. I usually put quite a few if I want it to last all day. Lastly, I pull out some pieces around my face and tug around the bun to give it more of a messy look.

top bun tutorial

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And this is the end result! I hope I explained everything so you can understand it! If you have any questions at all please comment below! I’d be more than happy to answer. Also, my contour is a little harsh in these pictures. I usually use the banana powder by Anastasia but someone stole mine (awesome right?) so all I have is MAC Emphasize which I use for a more dramatic highlight.

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  1. permanentprocrastination says:

    Great tutorial Bethany! You’re gorgeous!
    Tegan xx – Permanent Procrastination
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