May 12, 2016

Summer Phone Cases


phone cases

flower phone case // pineapple phone case // ice cream phone case // palm tree phone case // striped phone case

Hey guys!

First off, sorry I’ve been kind of MIA the last week. I started finals on Monday and needless to say, it’s been a longggg busy week for me! Thank goodness it’s almost over though. I had 5 finals so clearly blogging hasn’t been on my to do list lol. Only one more to go until the weekend. Most people are celebrating their summer break starting but I start a 3 week summer class on Monday, yay me?

Anyways, here lately I’ve been seeing so many cute phone cases on insta. I bought my pineapple phone case(above) last summer and still use it now, I love it! Pineapples were a huge trend last year. I decided to round up a few for you guys that I loved. I just bought the blue flower one online a couple of weeks ago and it was less than $2. Amazon has great cheap phone cases. Sometimes there is no need to spend and arm & a leg on one.

I’ll be heading to GA tomorrow to spend the weekend. The weather is suppose to be super nice so hopefully I’ll be getting some sun!



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