July 8, 2014

Summer Make-up Look.



If you haven’t heard of Jaclyn Hill then you are truly missing out on some amazing makeup tips. She has a YouTube channel, Instagram, etc. and you need to go look up her RIGHT NOW! She’s absolutely flawless and I’ve learned quite a bit from watching her videos. With that being said I’m not doing a makeup tutorial but letting you know what new things I picked up at the store the other day that gave me a summer dewy look that I love!



L’OREALS true match luminous(lumi) foundation

If you read my previous post, unexperienced? I think not, then you seen that I used the “sister” you could say to this foundation. It’s the true match but not the lumi kind. If you have oily skin then you should probably stick to the regular true match foundation because true match lumi is going to give you a more dewy look! I’ve only used this once but I already love it!



Ive had this for awhile actually but it helped pull my look together even more. You want to apply ALL powders, whether it be highlighter or foundation, AFTER the liquid foundation. You can get this at any drugstore and you can also get more expensive ones. Anyone that knows makeup knows I didn’t spend too much on this, reason being is because at the time I was still new to the highlighting thing and didn’t want to but expensive products if I didn’t like the way highlighting looked on me. I’ll post a picture below to show where all I apply the highlighter!



FIT me! Shine-free stick

Something I’ve really been wanting to be able to accomplish is the perfect contour. I purchased this foundation stick the other day is color, cappuccino. I just used it today and I’m in love with it! It really helps you sculpt out your face easier than other products I’ve used. I’d rather contour with liquid and highlight with powder. I applied this using an angled brush. Again, if you visit Jaclyn Hill’s YouTube page then she will tell you all about contouring and highlighting. To tie this look together I applied a light brush of my favorite Covergirl powder to set all the makeup in place, added a little blush, then used my Maybelline gel eye liner and mascara to finish!


I think what also helped give me that summertime look was that I left my hair all natural. Honestly, I washed it last night,brushed it, then slept with my hair in a towel. I had to tame a few pieces this morning lol but overall I think it worked out well for me!


Let me know your favorite summertime makeups!



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