January 24, 2015

Stacks on Stacks


I don’t think stacking your jewelry will ever go out of style, at least for me it wont! It just makes everything pop and I love adding pieces of color! Thought I would share sort of a “wish list” kind of thing! stacks on stacks

1. Nadri Hinged Cuff 2. Lauren Conrad Bracelet  3. Simon Sebbag Stretch Bracelet

4. Kate Spade Watch 5. Bangles

Right now the Kate Spade watch is 40% off making it only $149.98. The bangles are actually from a sorority sister of mine. Kelsey, is making amazing bangles and takes custom orders! They are awesome. I think she’s taking a break from the custom orders but she still has some for sale! You can never really go wrong with stacking unless maybe you’re stacking a little too much.

Whats your favorite stacking pieces?



  1. I love that turquoise and gold bracelet!
    I dont have that many bracelets because I don’t accessorize as much as I’d like to.

    50 shades of liz

  2. That stack of jewellery is beautiful! I love the colour combination of the gold and blue! 🙂 xx


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