July 11, 2015

Sitting Pretty in Suntan City 

sorry if this is a little longer than the usual posts, I have a lot to say about these products! x


bikini // really red nail polish // mod squad nail polish // sunglasses // sandals (similar) // lotion

Thank god for the weekend right?! This weekend I’m getting all my stuff together for the next couple of weeks since I’ll be spending most of July on vacations. So I thought I’d do a post of the things that will be definitely be in my bag for the beach! I’m dying over this bikini, I mean how cute is it!?! I ordered this online from Forever Anchored Boutique at the beginning of the summer but right now it’s sold out. I found it online at another place which I linked above but I can’t promise it’s the same quality because I’ve never shopped from there before! Hopefully it works though for those who want this bikini!! The top it a little snug so for those with bigger chest DEFINITELY go bigger and for the bottoms, I probably will end up not wearing them. They are REALLY tight. It sucks because when I ordered it came together so you couldn’t mix sizes. But it will go with any colored bottom like white or pink. I think I’ve worn these sandals almost every single day this summer, they are my fav. I’ve never been one to paint her own nails because my fingers are TINY!! I’ve tried a million times to let my nails grow out but I have the nervous habit of biting my nails like most people. The past month or two I’ve FINALLY let them grow out, like it’s such a huge accomplishment for me lol. Of course I’ve been going nail polish crazy and these two colors have been my obsession.  When going to the beach you always need a moisturizer with SPF in it. I usually wear a foundation mainly because of the SPF but you can’t go wrong with doubling up.

do you guys have any beach plans for the summer?


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