July 29, 2017

Second Trimester Q&A

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I’m in complete denial that my second trimester as come & gone and I’m now in my third trimester! I feel like I just announced that I was pregnant like yesterday. Of course if you follow along then you already know we are expecting a baby boy! I’m already so in love with him and cannot wait to meet him!

How are you feeling?

Since like week 18 I’ve been extremely uncomfortable, which I didn’t expect until later on in my pregnancy. I’m a dental hygienist which can be bad on my back anyways so throw having a baby growing inside me in the mix and it’s just not good. I constantly have bad back/rib pain and can’t even get comfortable while sitting on the couch watching TV. I have a lot of pressure on my ribs like 24/7 so if any of you mommas out there know of anything to help that, let me know! For the past 3-4 weeks I’ve been having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions and actually had to make a trip to the hospital. I’m trying to stay very hydrated and rest as much as possible (I have a feeling this baby will be coming sooner than we expect!).


Anything sweet! Levi and I have been making many trips to Brusters for icecream.


I’ll leave that as a surprise!

What are you wearing most?

Lots of over sizes tees and flowy dresses! My fav place to shop for maternity right now is ASOS and Pink Blush. They have the cutest stuff and the best prices.

Favorite part about second trimester?

Starting to feel the baby kick! It’s seriously the best feeling in the world. I still get emotional just thinking about it. Sometimes it feels like he is doing flips in there! There is seriously nothing like it. Right now, he is constantly moving.

Which trimester has been harder for you, first or second?

First, for sure! I was extremely sick and so so tired my first trimester. Once I hit the second trimester I felt like a new person!

What has been the most unexpected thing to happen to you so far, good or bad?

I was totally against breastfeeding at first. Honestly, I think it mainly was me being selfish by wanting to keep my boobs lol because I have always heard if you breastfeed you lose them. BUT I have decided that breastfeed during my maternity leave. I never in a million years thought I would decide to!

Due Date?

October 21st but last time I was at the doctor they said I was measuring ahead of schedule.

Pregnancy Products you are using?

This tummy butter since day 1! I’ll do more of a review on this once my pregnancy is over so I can let you know my honest opinion and results. I’ll also have a promo code for you all soon!

Advice for newly pregnant mommas?

Enjoy every minute and take advantage of the days where you feel good! Pregnancy goes by so fast.

Advice for second trimester?

Sleep with a pillow between your legs while laying on your side! I was having such trouble sleeping for awhile and once I started doing this that completely changed. I still get up a lot to use the bathroom (better get use to it haha!) but other than that I’ve been sleeping like a baby.

Go to a chiropractor or get a message! It has helped with a lot of my back pain.

Get a heating pad, it has helped with the back pain as well.

Enjoy how good you feel during this trimester! You will have a ton of energy.




Let me know if you have any other questions!


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