August 13, 2014

Rock those glasses!

So I’ve had the annoying task of putting in contacts for a million years now. I use to rarely wear my glasses because I think I look horrible in them but here lately I’ve learn to love them!

I feel like I only wear them when I’m dressed down and too lazy to get ready. Also, I usually don’t wear makeup with them because it usually gets lost behind the glasses anyway. So here’s a trick to let your makeup shine through those glasses!


If I’m wearing mascara then of course I’m applying eye liner as well, but when it comes to glasses(especially thick black ones) I feel like that’s all just a big dark mess together! Instead of applying both use mascara!

Only wearing mascara and not eye liner makes your lashes look SO much longer and actually stand out rather than blend in!


Ps. wait a minute before putting on your glasses after applying mascara, you don’t want black streaks across your lenses(embarrassing)! ๐Ÿ™‚


heres to ALWAYS rockin’ those glasses!




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