November 15, 2017

Recovering From My Csection

I️ had every intention on having a vaginal delivery with baby #1. Even though he had been measuring extremely large my entire pregnancy, I still was going to do everything in my power to deliver how I planned. If you read my birth story then you know that after around 17 hours of pitocin I never dilated past 3cm. I knew towards the end of the night that if I hadn’t progress any then my doctor would suggest a csection….and she did.

Luckily, my mother and older sister both had csections with all their babies so they were able to give me some insight on what to expect! The nurse I had explained everything in great detail too which helped with my nerves. Luckily I received a bikini incision which was completely opposite of my mother and sister.Plus, I also received dissolvable stitches instead of staples which I think helped my recovery process. I’ve talked to a few different people about this and a lot of them said you can request the dissolvable stitches! So now onto my recovery story.

All of my expectations of recovering from a csection were awful. I was trying to prepare myself for so much pain but honestly, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I imagined. One of the things I was dreading most was when they push on your stomach after your csection so they can make sure your uterus is contracting. My sister told me this was the worst part for her and it hurt worse than anything. Luckily, they pushed on my stomach as soon as I got into recovery so I was still completely numb. I didn’t feel a thing! During my hospital stay, the nurses would press on my stomach a tad just to make sure everything felt okay and they were very gentle.

I was up and walking to the bathroom within 12 hours after I was moved into my postpartum room. This is when they removed the catheter which I was also nervous about but again, I didn’t feel a thing. That first walk I couldn’t stand up completely straight and I felt a lot of pressure around my incision but the pain was slight. Peeing the first time was pretty easy and I had no problem with it. Going to the bathroom the first time was also when I was able to see how much I was bleeding. You’d think since I didn’t have a vaginal birth bleeding would be slight but that is not the case at all! You still bleed a lot. BTW, I had a my catheter in for such a long time so by the time they took it out it was like my bladder had forgotten what to do. With that being said, for days after I never felt like I needed to pee until I was ready to burst. That caused a lot of pain that was preventable. Even if you don’t feel like you have to pee, get up anyways and try every few hours!

My biggest piece of advice would be to get up and walk as much as you can. Don’t over do it by no means but make a trip with your baby down the hall when you’re ready! This will help kick start the healing process and I really think it is what helped me heal so fast.

The first day or so I was kind of stubborn about taking my pain medications. I thought I could handle it so I didn’t ask for the major ones which was goofy of me. A csection is major surgery so take the meds!! The hospital clearly regulates how much you take so they aren’t going to let you over do it. Luckily, my incision area was numb my entire hospital stay and is even somewhat numb today (I’m over 2 weeks postpartum!). You’ll be sent home with medications too.

I’ve talked to lots of moms who said their incision was extremely sensitive to the touch for awhile. I’m over 2 weeks postpartum and my incision site is still numb! It has healed up super quick and I’m so thankful for that. Just yesterday I started to feel a little sensitivity around it but still nothing painful.

About a week after being home, it started to feel like I had a really bad kidney infection. After seeing my OB, he said my urine didn’t show up anything but it could have been from my catheter or just my bladder causing the problem so be prepared for that! Also, when showering my soap really irritated me “down there”. I switched soaps this week and it doesn’t irritate me at all. If you don’t care for the one I use then I’d suggest getting a soap that is fragrance free.

Another piece of advice, wear the mesh panties the hospital gives you! If your incision site is sensitive then you won’t want to wear regular panties. The mesh ones will be more comfortable to wear because they won’t rub your incision. If you do wear your own underwear, I suggest high waisted ones.. Also, take everything in your hospital room! They will end up throwing it all away.

One of the hardest parts of recovery is getting out of bed. Roll over on your side, hang your legs off the side, and push up with your arms. It’s impossible to sit straight up from laying down and it will also really hurt your incision if you try to do this. I’m able to get up from bed normally now.

REST!! I know this may be hard for some moms but taking a long nap always made me feel so much better. Rest is important for any new mom, as it allows the body to heal. Sleep in any position that feels comfortable. I’ve been sleeping on my back for the last couple of weeks which I love because I was so sick of sleeping on my side for the last several months! Like I said previously, don’t over do it. I remember my future mother in law, Asher and I went to a doctor’s appointment and once we got back I felt like I’d been hit by a truck. It seemed crazy to me because I didn’t do anything strenuous but was still exhausted.

This will be gross to think about but take the stool softeners they offer you and buy some to take at home. It took me around 4 days to finally use the bathroom and it wasn’t the most comfortable thing but it didn’t hurt! I’ve heard to put a pillow and sort of push it up against your incision while trying to go #2. I just used my hands to apply a bit of pressure and it really helped alot! Also, go sit on the toilet for awhile. Don’t just sit there for 5 minutes expecting it to come because it may take awhile. There have been days where I was in the bathroom for up to 30 minutes! BTW- gas pain after a csection is NO JOKE. A majority of my terrible pain was from gas. They will give you pills to help with that in the hospital.I still get gas pain even at 17 days postpartum.

Even if you have plan to have a vaginal birth pack a nightgown and a dress to go home in. Much more comfortable than any kind of pants! When I’m at home with no company, I’ll just lounge around in a oversized t-shirt.  Wearing my girdle helps protect my incision so I wear jeans when I have it on! I’ll be doing a full review on my BelleFit Girdle but you can get $20 yours with my code bethany20: shop here!

*All of this is my personal experience. I’m in no way a medical expert!

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