December 5, 2017

Postpartum Recovery: Bellefit Girdle Review

Hi Guys!

If you follow me on Instagram stories then you’ve heard me talk about BelleFit a million times. They offer great postpartum girdles and corsets for women recovering from C-section or natural childbirth. Bellefit Postpartum Girdles and Corsets are medical-grade abdominal compression binders made of polyamide fabric and elastane. Their hypoallergenic and micro porous fabric prevents skin rashes by allowing the skin to breathe, thus keeping it fresh and comfortable.

I’ve been wearing my BelleFit corset ever since I was 1 week postpartum. For the most part I’ve worn it everyday, putting it on as soon as I get up and taking it off before bed. I do know of some women who wear it 24/7 though! I tried sleeping in it one night and didn’t like it so that’s why I take it off before bed. I have the corset style with two rows of hooks. So far I’ve mostly worn it on the looses hooks and I’m a little over 1 month postpartum. I did try last week to hook it on the tightest part but after around 5-6 hours I moved it back to the looses hook.

Personally, I had a C-section with a bikini incision. If you’ve had one before then you know that when recovering you feel a lot of pressure pushing down towards the incision. The BelleFit girdles and corsets help relieve this pressure. It helps bring everything back together while tightening your belly. Clearly you can see in my photos above that my body has changed drastically! I’m extremely happy with my results.

Does the corset/girdle hurt your incision?

No! I haven’t had any problems with this so far. A week or so into wearing it I did feel like a little bit of pressure around my incision but I don’t think it was necessarily from my corset.

Does your belly/waist widen back out once you take it off?

I’ve read some reviews other women have written and they said they noticed this but so far I haven’t!

Are you dieting/eating anything specific along with wearing the girdle?

The first four weeks I didn’t eat healthy at all! I ate anything I wanted honestly. Week 5 I have made changes to my diet and trying to make healthier choices. For example, I’ll eat a turkey sandwich on wheat bread for lunch with apple slices instead of my usual chips!

What size are you wearing?

Like I stated in my photo above, I gained 42 pounds so I sized up to a medium! I’ll be wearing this size my entire recovery.


*I received a Bellefit in exchange for this review. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.


  1. Hi Bethany!!

    You look wonderful postpartum! I’m definitely going to be purchasing one- I deliver in 4 weeks!

    Question- have you had to buy bigger jeans for postpartum or are you wearing your pre-pregnancy jeans?


  2. Hi Sarah!

    Thanks so much! Make sure you use my code so you can get $$ off!

    I didn’t change my jeans size! The first couple of weeks I had to use a hair tie to close my jeans but now I’m buttoning them up just fine!

    Enjoy these last four weeks!


  3. McKenna York says:

    Hey Bethany! Great review. I’m currently pregnant and I’ve purchased one but according to the size chart I’m right on the edge of a small and medium. Do you think that you’ll purchase a smaller size in the future or will you just stop wearing it once you feel “recovered” enough? Thanks so much! You’re baby boy is beautiful!

    • Hi Mckenna!

      I won’t be ordering a smaller size! I’m usually a size 2 in jeans and wear small bottoms. I ordered a medium and it’s still tight to get on plus I still haven’t moved to the tightest hooks!
      I plan on wearing it awhile after recovery, probably up until my body starts looking the way I want it!

      Thanks so much, you’re so sweet!

      • McKenna York says:

        Thank you for your quick reply! I really appreciate the information because I want to make sure I’m getting the right one and there’s not much way of checking when you’re 8 months pregnant! We seem to be a similar size so this makes me feel reassured!
        Thanks again,

  4. Hi!
    You look amazing! Just wanted to confirm you ordered the regular bellefit girdle and not the dual closure one? I’m trying to decide which to get! Thank you 🙂

  5. You look amazing!!! I have a random question— did you get any stretch marks during or after pregnancy? I have heard many women say they didn’t notice theirs until after baby was born. I’m 39 weeks Monday and my belly is SO ITCHY!!!!! Just wondering if you got any and if so what are you doing about them, and if not what did you use? Thank you!!!! You look sooooo awesome!

    • Hi!!

      Thanks so much!

      I got stretch marks on my inner thigh and left hip, not too bad though. I also got one stretch mark on my belly button where I had a piercing years ago. Postpartum, i developed white stretch marks on my belly that went away quick but then a few popped up on my lower stomach. They are already starting to fade some. I’ve been using the remodel serum form the spoiled mama for my PP stretch marks.

      My belly itched SO bad my entire pregnancy. Like so bad I wanted to cry. I put over the counter hydrocortisone cream for it which was recommended by my OBGYN!

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