December 17, 2014

Online Shopping Obsessed

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a serious shopping problem. It’s insane the amount of clothes I’ve bought this past month. With that being said I thought I would share what online stores been into the most this month.


I’ve always been a fan of this place and if you haven’t heard of it you are definitely missing out!I mean not only do they do consistent flash sales but it is always FREE SHIPPING! I mean lets be honest, usually when you get to checking out online the shipping price usually seals or breaks the deal. I know if I think it’s too much then I won’t spend the money and forget about everything I just put into my shopping cart. Well, with shophopes you don’t have to worry about it. I mentioned Flash Sales. For all of you that don’t know what that is, for ShopHopes, it’s when they have 50% selected items. How much better can you get?!?! Also, follow them on instagram so you always know when a sale is going on!

you can see these items @, if you are looking for a holiday look whether it be Christmas or NYE then look no farther!


2. Impressions Boutique

This store I just recently found online. If you order by 12/19 you’ll get your order by Christmas Eve and FREE SHIPPING again (for a limited time). I just bought the cutest sweater from there yesterday, $26, and a maxi dress for $11. I mean seriously, thats awesome! Can’t pass up those awesome deals! I can’t wait to see what deals the have and their new arrivals!

you can find all 3 of these items in the sale section @ I know these are all summer looks but you can never shop too early for another season, right?


3. Material Girls

Like Impressions, I just recently discovered this website. The have some GREAT things on sale right now. Most of their stuff are at a reasonable price and if you follow their models on instagram then you can receive a discount! Who doesn’t love a good discount? I haven’t bought anything from here YET but plan on it very soon. I know a few people that have and they are in love with their purchases.

Like Impressions, All 3 of these are in the sale section at My favorite is the black and white striped dress, how perfect is the bottom?!


You’ve heard about my favorite online stores, whats yours?


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