December 26, 2014

NYE Festivities


I’m all about those full sequin dresses but sometimes they can be too much! If you’re someone who is maybe a little modest or likes to keep it simple then this outfit is for you. You will still look classy and at a reasonable price, that’s always a plus right!


You can find all of these items in any mall around you or at least online! The shirt you can find at Forever21 or a 3/4 sleeve at Macys. You can find any dark wash jeans at American Eagle or your favorite store. The shoes you can get at Charlotte Russe and I personally own a pair identical without the strap. Both accessories you can find online at Forever21. This outfit is so easy to put together but I’m in love with it!! Follow my blog and you’ll see the perfect makeup look to match this stunning outfit!


What are you’re NYE outfit plans?



  1. Absolutely love the shoes! x

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