July 18, 2016

#Nsale: My Shopping Bag

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Happy Monday ya’ll!

So as many of you know the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started last week for those who are cardholders. It opens up to everyone else July 22nd. This was my first year buying quite a bit and needless to say, it was stressful! Looking through over a hundred pages of stuff and picking what you like is hard. After days of adding stuff to my cart, then removing it, then adding more I finally made my order. A good tip: find Youtubers or bloggers who have taken pictures in the pieces they’ve ordered from the sale. It really does make a difference seeing clothing on someone before ordering. I would highly recommend looking here and here.  I’m obsessed with all my purchases & can’t wait to receive them. I even have a wish list still that I may end up ordering lol. The lace up trend is huge right now and I can see why, I’M OBSESSED! All of the basic love sleeves are $17.90 and the watch is only $15.90. Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting about each piece.

stay tuned.


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