July 7, 2014

Need a lift?

So the last several months I’ve been on this kick to eat healthier and exercise as much as I can. I’ve looked up a million workout videos on Pinterest and came across one that targets your butt, I’m in love with it! I haven’t found one I absolutely love that targets your stomach yet. (If you have one you love please comment and let me know!) I’m skinny, by no means am I trying to loose weight, but being skinny doesn’t mean I don’t want to be toned or just be in shape in general. The main areas I try to work are my stomach and butt. Girls, squats are your BESTFRIEND when it comes to shaping up your butt. By the way, I’m no workout expert and definitely am not trying to be one.


When I first started doing this FITSUGAR workout I honestly thought it wasn’t doing much (even though I couldn’t make it through the whole video lol). I had never seen these workout before and so I thought they were stupid. My roommates and friends made fun of me for doing this video but soon after they seen the results everyone was asking me what it was called. Now I only did this video for about two week, right before spring break, then quit. I was amazed with the results I got in that short amount of time. I DID IT EVERYDAY FOR 14 DAYS, btw! I feel kind of weird talking about how my butt looked after but there’s  no other way to put it really. It was just so much more perkier(spelling). I wish I had before and after pictures!




This is the video I used, you can find it on YouTube. They also have a website, FITSUGAR.COM. They have so many awesome videos for every area you’re interested in working out. I wish I wouldn’t have stopped after just two weeks so I could have seen even more results. Although I’m not currently doing this workout I’m looking forward to starting it again soon!

Try it out and let me know what kind of results you get or if you liked it!

Also, TAKE BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES! Just so you can really see the results.




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