October 5, 2015

Long Distance

This past weekend I got to travel down to Georgia to visit my boyfriend, Levi.  For those of you that don’t know he moved down to GA last week for Chiropractic School and I’m staying in Kentucky to complete the Dental Hygiene Program. We’ve never had to deal with any kind of distance before so being 5 hours away is going to be a challenge. This weekend we explored the campus some and went down to Buckhead to the bar Big Sky. It was seriously SO much fun! It was so different than Kentucky.

I found a cute little idea on Pinterest for people who are dealing with long distances. As you can tell I wrote letters!  You can text all day long but it’s so much more special when it’s hand written. Hopefully he follows the rules and only reads one letter at a time lol.

If any of you have some advice on how to make long distance easier, let a girl know!



  1. I actually saw this idea on Pinterest last night! Glad to see some people actually using it, it’s such a cute idea! Think I’m going to do this for my one year anniversary with my boyfriend as we’ll be in different countries </3 Great post!

    Laura @ What’s Hot?

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