October 6, 2014

Layers on Layers

Layers is where it’s at this fall. Instead of just wearing a plain shirt with a cardigan, spice it up with a flannel or denim button up. I’ve always been so picky about flannel/plaid shirts and I don’t think I’ve ever actually owned one until this fall. I never wanted to spend the money on something I didn’t love. This month I’ve found 3 that I’m absolutely in love with, two are down below! The first picture I actually bought that button up from Walmart, I know right? Don’t judge. I’ve never bought clothing from there in my life but I saw it and couldn’t resist! It’s such a comfortable material too. The second one is from Old Navy, it has a mixer of pinks and reds. I also found one from Forever21 which I haven’t wore yet.

These pictures below aren’t the best but it gives you an idea of how many different ways you can layer clothing!



What’s been your favorite thing to layer up this fall?



  1. lovee!!! your style is so cute & I couldnt agree more. Plaid , denim, and layering pieces have become my obsessesion this fall! So cute girl

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