July 14, 2014

Lauren Conrad Clothing Line.

I know everyone has heard of Lauren Conrad, LC for all you Laguna Beach lovers! We’ll she has an amazing clothing line and it’s available at Kohls. Lucky for me where I live they have one, if there’s not one close to you just shop online! When most people think of Lauren Conrad’s clothing line they think expensive clothing. It really isn’t all that expensive PLUS all of her stuff at kohls are usually on some kind of sale. I’m always buying something from there.

She actually has a new summer line out and it’s amazing! image

These are just a couple of items I loved in her new line!

Go to www.kohls.com and check out the rest of her stuff. Last week or so I was on there and they had a HUGE sale going on! Whether last weekend was payday or you’ve got to beg your mom for some cash, trust me her clothes are worth it!

Hope you enjoy! Let me know if you’ve bought some of her stuff and what things you love!


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