December 28, 2014

Know the Blogger.

I decided to do something a little different then what you guys usually see on my blog. I always love reading the About Me pages on blogs and really getting to know the person behind the words/pictures. I wanted to do a little 20 facts about me page. So, here it goes 🙂

1. I have an identical twin sister. Every time I tell people they act like I’m an alien or something, haha. I guess for some people it’s so rare but it runs in my family.

2. When I first started this blog I wanted to focus more on tricks and tips I would try and let my followers learn about my experiences. As the months went on I found myself focusing on fashion and makeup more which I’m really passionate about. With that being said I’m going to start focusing on that instead of mainly tips and tricks.

3. Every time I have a sorority dance or am just going out for the night, I have to go early to help all my friends get ready. Hair, Make-up, clothing, I’m there girl.

4. I have a extreme shopping problem, ask any of my friends or family.

5. I’m going to school to become a Dental Hygienist.

6. I would absolutely love to do hair or makeup one day.

7. I recently decided to start saving up to take makeup classes in Nashville with Mac. I’m so excited about it!

8. Everything I know about make-up or hair is self taught. I use to be like all those girls who barley knew about to use a brush, let alone do a cute updo. Trust me, with patience and time you can teach yourself a lot.

9. Shoes are my weakness. I’ll be the women one day who has a separate closet just for her shoes, wait and see.

10. My best friend and I use to dress up and go to pretty abandoned houses or the lake and take hundreds of pictures of each other just for fun with her sisters professional camera and we got pretty good at it. I can’t wait to incorporate that into my blog eventually when I get a good camera.

11. When I get my nails done I feel like a brand new person. It makes my whole day go better.

12. I’ve from an extremely small town and am the first in my family to move away.

13. Jaclyn Hill is my favorite make-up artist to learn from. I watch her YouTube videos every day.

14. I don’t like coffee AT ALL. Everyone looks at me like I’m crazy when I say that.

15. The one thing I wish I could do more than anything is study abroad, one day before I graduate. I know so many people that have and I’m SO jealous.

16. My favorite perfume is Ed Hardy. It is HEAVEN in a bottle.

17. I’m obsessed with Lauren Conrad. I think she is absolutely perfect and I pretty much wish I could be her.

18. I always find the best deals when shopping. I almost NEVER buy anything full price. I found my formal dress for 90% off last minute.

19. Every day I see my boyfriend, we set down and he lets me talk his head off about my day for 30+ minutes with a smile on his face. I know he could care less about some of the stuff but I do it anyways. 🙂

20. Even though I still have a lot of growing to do, I’ve been amazed how many people actually read my blog and take away from it.  I get at least one person a week tell me I’ve helped them in some way and that makes my heart so happy.


hope you enjoyed!




  1. Bethany I know someday you can do all those things you want to do. Be patient and get your education. You are already a great roll model to a lot of people. May your 30 day’s go very fast. Lov ya girl.

  2. thank you sheila!

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