February 9, 2018

How To Style Your Baby Bump

1.Avoid seams at the waist!

Opt for a lower seam like in white top below or a really high seam line like the brown tank below. Higher peplum tops are not your friend. I was so excited to wear regular peplum tops again after my pregnancy because I love them so much.

2. Flowy, Flowy, Flowy…

I lived in dresses this past summer. It was so hot and flowy dresses are so airy which was amazing. If you are nursing, these won’t be your friend post-baby btw.

3. Don’t be scared to show off your bump!

I loved wearing form fitting things while pregnant. I wasn’t afraid to show off my bump and how big I was haha! So crazy to look back at these photos and see how big I was.

4. Size up in non-maternity clothes.

I mostly wore large and I’m typically a small! The good thing about this is that you can still wear these post-baby. Trust me, you don’t want anything form fitting in your wardrobe after the baby comes. Wait a few months to tackle that lol.


Hope this helps all of you expecting mamas, xo.


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