January 16, 2015

How Can I Be This Old?


Tonight was my little sisters senior homecoming! I can’t believe shes about to graduate, it makes me feel so old. For tonight I did her hair and makeup. First, I planned on doing her hair straight back but her part was weird, lol, so we did a middle part. She complained the whole time saying “I haven’t had a middle part since middle school, people are gunna make fun of me”. haha. Obviously she looked good in the end and was happy with the end result.

For her makeup: EYES: Maybelline Nude Palette, FOUNDATION: Revlon Colorstay Whipped, POWDER: Milani, BRONZER: Milani, BLUSH: Elf Baked, LASHES: Kiss.






Yesterday marked week 2 of no new clothes. This week I was tempted so many times to buy stuff, especially things for spring break. We are planning a cruise to the Bahamas so of course I feel like I need new clothes! I’ve been strong though and still haven’t bought anything! Wish me luck for week 4!

how pretty does my little sister look?



  1. she looks gorgeous! what lipstick is she wearing?

  2. She looks so gorgeous! You did amazing on her hair and makeup! I love the middle part. Her dress is also stunning!

  3. Save your money so you can buy stuff there! There are so many shops and vendors with cute sundresses

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