August 21, 2015

Home Sweet Home 

 I moved into my new apartment this past weekend! I got a lot done but still have quite a bit to do. I just wanted to share some photos mainly because i’m obsessing over everything right now.


quote block // gold stand // picture frame // jewelry holder // flowers // palette holders

This is probably my favorite part of my room. This was originally black and made to go in my bathroom but I spray painted it gold. I didn’t have space in my bathroom so I decided I couldn’t just throw it away so I made use of it!

jewelry holder // wall art

This is such an easy way to store your necklaces, obvi I have a lot & they tend to get tangled! Now they will never get tangled up. I got this curtain rod for like $3.  I’ve had the canvas since I move into my old apartment.


mini paper clips // quote

I bought this quote off amazon. If you’ve ever gotten one of these you can put transfer it over to a sticky paper then put it on the wall so it is straight. Well mine would not corporate and I had to put it up letter by letter (notice some of it’s crooked) but it serves its purpose. I saw these mini paper clips and this idea popped right into my head! Love this idea of hanging pictures.

board // gold stickers

 I’ve always loved having a million pictures in my room but wanted to do something different than just picture frames! I think using clip boards are such a fun way to give a different look.

In denial that summer is basically over and that I start school on Monday. With that being said I’ll be enjoying every second of the next couple of days! Enjoy.

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