March 17, 2015

Hair Update

One of the first postw I did was Fabulous Locks, it described my hair routine and how I finally got it to start growing! That was one of the main reasons I started my blog, everyone was always asking me how I grew out my hair. That post was over 6 months ago so I thought I would update everyone. 

The left picture is from a little over a year ago and the right picture is from this week. Obviously there’s a big difference! Here are a few things I did when my hair finally started growing.

1. I wash the roots of my hair and conditioned the ends. This will also help people who fight oily hair. 

2. Washed my hair with the as cold of water as I could stand. I’m not gunna lie this part is miserable but think about it, hot water damages your hair just like hot tools don’t. Also I didn’t wash my hair everyday, like everyday two days. If your have oily hair, dry shampoo will be your best friend! 

3. Took biotin 2 times a day. This stuff work wonders!!

4. I did not blow dry/straighten/curl my hair nearly as much as I use to! This was tough but it was worth having bad hair for awhile. Keep as much heat off of your hair as possible. So many people tell me they can’t do it but you can! Let your hair air dry and use the coolest setting on your straightner. 

5. When I washed my hair I would massage my scalp throught the whole process.

6. Drank LOTS and LOTS of water. For awhile I cut caffeine out of my diet completely and I noticed such a difference! 

Hope this helps!



  1. Award waiting for you on my blog today miss 🙂

  2. Love your hair and the color!

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