July 1, 2014

Hair History!

Over the years my hair has been a countless amount of colors and lengths. I wish someone would have slapped me somewhere in the middle. It’s taken me almost four years to FINALLY get my hair to grow again. I’m telling you from experience, girls, stop cutting/dying your hair all the time! It sounds like a good idea but it’s really not. If you have beautiful long hair, DONT CUT IT. I’ve only met one person in my entire life that looks better with short hair, I promise!

15 years old: untouched.

My hair was so thick and long back then, I definitely took it for granted. In this picture I never had a drop of dye touch it. I wish I could go back to this!

16 years old: getting a little risky


Okay, dont judge, this was 5 years ago and I don’t know why I thought black eye shadow caked on was a good look. Embarrassing. This wasn’t a huge change but I cut a lot of it off, which was my first mistake.

18 years old: platinum blonde? 

20140701-190918-68958978.jpgI actually love blonde hair on me. At this point in my hair history I should have STOPPED. My hair was long and the exact color I wanted at the time. Bleach damages your hair so bad and after I went blonde once I had to continue to put blonde in my hair. Eventually there was absolutely no brown in my hair what so ever. It was not a good look for me. This picture was taken mid way through my senior year of high school. I’m a very indecisive person. About a week before graduation my BEST FRIEND convinced me to chop ALL of my hair off and…..


I did it…I liked it for awhile but was so sick of not being able to curl it or put it up. After this my hair literally just went to shit, seriously. I put blonde in it ALL the time, even used box dye( DO NOT DO THIS). My hair was getting so thin, it was horrible.

19 years old. 

20140701-191005-69005372.jpgSo there’s two pictures here because my sophomore year of college I went from blonde to brunette like every other month. It got to the point to where girls in my sorority thought I had transferred from another school because I changed my hair so much, no joke! The bottom picture my hair is SO DEAD. Like it was so thin and fried, it looked like my hair had caught on fire or something. I was an idiot. I would want my hair to grow so I dyed it brown, a month later it wouldn’t be growing so I would go back blonde. Like how stupid could I get? OF COURSE IT WASNT GOING TO GROW?!

20 years old: finally staying in one place


So, the beginning of my junior year I decided that I was going to be that girl with beautiful long hair. It seemed like everyone around me had such awesome hair they could do anything with and then there was me. I dyed my hair one last time and LEFT IT ALONE! It look short here but this was the beginning of what would finally be long hair.

21 years old: FINALLY! 


I know I’m pretty much blonde in this picture but I literally did it a week ago after I was happy with my progress. It’s taken four very long years to get to this, only because I’ve been stupid. You can read my previous blog “fabulous locks” to see everything I did to get my hair to grow. The pictures right above this last one are less than a year apart! People are always coming up to me amazed with how fast my hair grew and became healthy. I will NEVER cut my hair off again or kill it with bleach. Yes, I did put blonde in it but it was more of an ombré look so I still have plenty of brown. Right after I got it done I deep conditioned it and have done so every few days. I’m so happy with my hair now and can do anything with it!

hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how my hair has changed over the years!



  1. Breah Davis says:

    I love this! I am always looking for ways to grow my hair out and for these ideas to be somewhat realistic. Thank you so much!

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