April 1, 2015

Guest Post- 3 'Perfect Red' Lipsticks

Today is super exciting because I’m featuring my first guest blogger, Carolyn. She is  a British-born Chinese girl, a wife, a mother, a primary school teacher and now a blogger!  Stylish Memories is about her personal style while including mother and daughter outfit posts, beauty and other things she finds interesting and stylish. Check out her blog and show her some love!

I’m so excited to be guest posting on Bethany’s blog, SimplyBethany.  It’s a great fashion and beauty blog, I love her casual/girly style. If you are regular readers of hers hello and I hope you enjoy this post!


imageElizabeth Arden Red Door Red, YSL Rouge Volupte Shine no.4, Revlon Really Red

When I was searching for a ‘Perfect Red’ lipstick I knew I wanted to find a true, classic Hollywood red. I wanted to treat myself, so I looked around a department store (House of Fraser) and sampled a few. I tried on YSL Volupte Shine number 4 and it was quite sheer and didn’t totally win me over but I must admit I bought it for the gorgeous packaging. I then searched on the Internet for a matte red lipstick and read so many great reviews on Revlon Really Red that I had to go and purchase one! I was happy with my two red lipsticks, but the Elizabeth Arden Red Door Red came in a set that I bought, which I really got for the eyeshadows, but turns out I love it!


Here are the swatches, as you can see they are all very true reds.

1. The top one is Red Door Red and I think it may be my favourite, as it’s the most vibrant and I love the feel of it on my lips, although I do really like the other two. It has a lovely smooth texture and shine, and I find it to be quite long-lasting.

2. The YSL one in the middle is sheer when worn on its own, but it bleeds so you must wear lip liner! It isn’t as sheer with red lipliner underneath, but I guess if a nude lip liner was used it would look more so . This lipstick doesn’t last very long, and it feels slippery on the lips but it leaves a kind of stain which I quite like, and I don’t mind reapplying. The other thing I don’t like about it is that it can look a bit patchy if you have dry lips, which I do! This is the shiniest of the three and the tube is the prettiest.

3. The third swatch is Revlon Really Red, which is a more classic matte red, and I love the way it looks, it feels comfortable on my lips and it lasts for ages. This is also the most affordable one.

I use Rimmel Exaggerate lip liner in Diva Red, pictured below, for all three lipsticks, lining then filling in my lips before applying lipstick straight from the tube. Make sure you put a clean finger in your mouth and pull it out so you don’t get lipstick on your teeth!

imageHere are some photos of me wearing the three lipsticks below. If you’re not into red lipsticks you probably think they all look the same! And they do look very similar, especially since I’m wearing the same lipliner for all three but there are slight differences.

1. Elizabeth Arden Red Door Red | 2. YSL Rouge Volupte Shine no.4 | 3. Revlon Really Red




I love red lipstick and even though I don’t wear it every day when I do I kind of feel empowered and very sophisticated! I never used to wear bright lipsticks, let alone red but as I’ve gotten older I don’t feel as self-conscious, and I don’t worry about what others think as much, and now love having fun and experiment more with lip colours. I really believe anyone can pull off a red lipstick, as long as you find a shade that works for you, it may be a darker red or a more pink or orange toned red. Try on some different shades at a department store and ask the sales ladies to help! I think the three lipsticks that I own would suit any skintone, however.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post! I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks again to Bethany for letting me guest post 🙂 XO


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  2. They look so gorgeous swatched

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