January 22, 2015

Green + Lace




Top: Shop Hopes / Vest: Old Navy / Necklace: Old Navy / Jeans: AE / Booties: Old Navy

I got this shirt on Black Friday and I haven’t had a chance to wear it until today. I thought it looked plain so I added a denim vest and long necklace to give it something  a little extra and to be different. As always I’m wearing my favorite booties (you guys are probably getting tired of seeing them) and AE jeans. I love the lace detail on the sleeve and the bell sleeve itself. The pale green color of the street is beautiful!

BTW- this is week THREE of no new clothes. Ugh, I’m almost there. This week I’ve literally had things in my shopping cart about to check out numerous times and finally just exited off the screen. It feel like this whole 30 days no new clothes thing has been going on forever. Stores are starting to put out some of their new spring collections and they are to die for, literally dying over here. I’ve stayed strong this long, I have to make it all the way through the 4th week right?

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