January 28, 2015

Formal Season

When the spring semester starting, everyone is running around trying to find that perfect formal dress. I know I can be super picky when trying to find a dress. Hopefully these outfit ideas can help you figure out what you’re really looking for 🙂


dress || earrings || bag || shoes 

I’m in love with this dress, I actually got it for my formal coming up in February! The back opens up and is made out of the same see through material in the middle of the dress. I think the blush color would look awesome on anyone and it’s definitely one of my favorite colors when it comes to clothes! Add earrings and maybe a bracelet only because the dress as so much going on, you don’t want to over do it.


dress || earrings || bag || shoes

Even though this dress is simple, i’s so elegant. The color is beautiful and with the right accessories it would be a perfect formal dress! This comes in two different colors as well. The kate spade earrings are to die for!




dress || earrings || bag || shoes

I’m not usually a purple person but wow, I love this! The lace details just takes this dress to the next level. Add some studs and a bracelet and you’ve got the perfect formal outfit.

These are just a few dresses I loved when trying to find my formal dress. Hope you enjoy 🙂


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