November 13, 2017

First Weeks With Baby Must-Haves

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Honestly, the first few weeks of baby’s life you don’t need much. Mainly they will eat, sleep and poop lol. Here are some first week with baby must-haves that I couldn’t have lived without.


    I have this brand and absolutely love them! My little guy cannot stand to be cold so during the nights we have him swaddled. He sleeps so good!


My little guy loves having his hands in his face and already has the longest fingernails so without wearing mittens he would scratch his face so bad! You can get these seriously anywhere. The trick is finding a style that fit your baby’s hands well. We have several pairs and only two fit great, the others fall off constantly.


I know this isn’t possible for everyone and may be goofy for me to mention, but if any of your family offers to stay with you take them up on it! My future MIL stayed with us for 2 weeks and I’m not sure how we would have survived without her. I had a csection so I wasn’t allowed to drive the last 2 weeks and we had so many doctors appointments we had to go to!

4.Nipple Cream (if you plan on breastfeeding)

The first couple of days of breastfeeding I was so surprised to how easy it was for me and baby! He latched on as soon as they put him on my chest. BUT around the 4th day my nipples got beyond sore, I mean I would scream in pain every time he fed/latched. This cream helped a lot. It’s hypoallergenic and all natural so it’s safe for you and baby!

5.Take A Break

I know this may not be realistic for some people like #3 but between breastfeeding, changing diapers, and just holding your baby you will become exhausted! I’ve gotten to take a nap every day the last 2 weeks thanks to my MIL. Even if you just take a long, hot shower once your hubby/significant other gets home, it will make you feel so much better! Breastfeeding takes so much out of you which I wasn’t prepared for! It’s nice to have some time for yourself.

6.Sleepers and Gowns

I’m all about buying cute clothes and was so excited to dress up my baby boy but honestly, the first week or even the first few weeks that won’t happen. Like I said previously my MIL stayed with us and did everything around our apartment. She washed clothes, cooked, and cleaned. Right now my son has been wearing the same 5-10 sleepers and gowns nonstop, that’s with my MIL doing the laundry for us! They are the easiest to get on/off for diaper changes. FYI: I would buy the sleepers that have the feet closed in as well as the ones with built in mittens. That way you don’t have to worry about putting on socks or mittens. I wish I had bought more before he came home! These are my favorite sleepers, they are so soft!


    My baby has a love/hate relationship with his. Some days he will love having it and others he gets so mad when we try to give it to him! The hospital should give you some but have back ups just in case. My son loves this one way better than the hospital one.

8.Plenty of Diapers and Wipes

    You will go through so many of these it’s insane! You’ll change a wet diaper and 5 minutes later they will poop, so you’ll change it again. So far I’ve used huggies and like them!

9.Formula (if you plan on it)

    So, I’m breastfeeding and doing formula about 2-3 times a day. Honestly, I planned to exclusively breastfeed but it took a little longer for my milk to come in and I had a 10lb baby so he needed more! I couldn’t be happier that it worked out that way though. For me, pumping is NOT working so it’s nice that daddy can feed him with a bottle when I need a break because like I said breastfeeding is hard plus so demanding! My little guy wants to nurse every 30 min right now.

10.Shampoo and Lotion

    You can’t give baby a full on bath until their cord falls off but you can give them a sponge bath. This is the brand I use and it smells amazing. We typically give him a little bath before bed. The cord can take up to 21 days to fall off so I def recommend giving your baby a small sponge bath every few days.


    This is the bed we use for our baby boy. Not only does it rock a little but plays music which I think helps our little guy fall asleep easier. It’s shaped so there is no way for your baby to roll over. They will sleep on their back the whole night and they are elevated just a tad. Right now it’s on sale for $60. Definitely a good investment!


Hope this post helps! Feel free to leave me a comment, email me, or DM me with any other questions you might have.

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