October 19, 2017

Final Pregnancy Thoughts

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Baby M could make his arrival any day now! I’m officially in my last week of pregnancy. With that being said I wanted to do a final pregnancy thoughts blog post answering any questions I’ve gotten lately, sharing how I’m feeling right now, and much more! If I don’t answer your question or if you just have a comment, please comment below! I’d love to hear from you.

What are you most nervous or excited for?

I’m most nervous about LABOR. Seriously, there have been some nights I wake up in the middle of the night and think “holy shit, I really have to do this”. So many people have tried to calm my nerves by saying “you’ll forget about the pain once you meet your baby”. I totally believe that’s the case but right now it doesn’t help lol. I DO NOT deal well with pain. My family have even said they would pay good money to be in the room with me, they know how big of a baby I am. For some reason I’m also super nervous about what he is going to look like. I know that’s silly lol but I can’t help it!

I think I’m most excited to meet him and just have my body back honestly. I can’t wait to feel like a normal person again!

Things I wish I would have known.

Right around 30 weeks I got an awful pregnancy rash all over my belly which apparently is very normal. Once that finally settled, my skin itched for the rest of my pregnancy. Like ya’ll, itched to the point to where I would wake up scratching and bleeding in some places. I do know that itching is a sign that stretch marks are coming soon but that wasn’t the case for me. I itched EVERYWHERE, from my stomach to my wrists. It sucked.

Stock up on panty liners. This is probably TMI but you will be so shocked to how much your body changes down there and in what ways. I wasn’t expecting it honestly.

Towards the end, you feel like you are going to pee on yourself 24/7. Especially when your baby drops. Every single time I walk anywhere whether it be the mall or to the mailbox, I’m scared I’m going to pee on myself haha!

For such a long time I refused to buy maternity jeans. I guess I was in denial that my body was changing so much! This was so stupid. They are amazing and I would recommend buying them ASAP. They make life so much easier.

I wish I would have bought more comfy tanks to wear! Even for you fall/winter mamas, you can add a cardigan with them.

Being pregnant isn’t as fun and great as everyone makes it sound. Okay, this sounds kind of awful but it’s true. I believe there are people who love pregnancy or hate it, no in-between. Honestly, I hated it. I felt so miserable basically the whole time. Don’t get me wrong, pregnancy is an amazing and wonderful thing but it is not fun. The only thing I’ll miss about being pregnant is feeling him move inside of me and knowing he is safe in there.

Around the third trimester, Levi and I marked on a wall where my belly button was. A friend of mine who is a nurse recommended this! That way you can tell when the baby starts to drop.

Buy compression socks! Probably the last two months, my feet have stayed swollen. Especially if you plan to work until the very end, you’ll need these and they work great!

Every woman is different! I literally have asked a million of my mommy friends if so & so was normal or if this happened to them. It’s comforting hearing their answers but you will not have the same experiences as ANYONE else, remember that.

If you are looking for an app to use throughout your pregnancy, download The Bump. It has lots of stories, columns, and a place to store all your bump photos! I loved using this.

The last month or so I’ve felt pretty miserable. Just tired, swollen, and run down. Even if you feel crappy, still go out and do stuff. Have a few dinner dates with your man or a fun shopping day with friends. Once baby is here you won’t get many of those for awhile.

Mamas in your first trimester, don’t be surprised when you get terrible acne like everywhere. I had the worst back acne (gross I know) and was devastated. I thought it would never go away. Right around the start of my second trimester, it went away thank goodness! As far as my face, it didn’t change much. I do my full skincare routine (wash, exfoliate, serum, etc.) 2 times a day at least, sometimes 3.

For weeks I tried everything google said would help induce labor naturally. I ate every food, drank every drink, walked, did squats, got a pedicure, etc. You name it, I did it! NONE of it worked.

What Should You Bring To The Hospital?

Even though I haven’t actually went into labor yet, I’ve spent many nights at the hospital, unfortunately. Bring your own pillows or if you forget them, ask for like 5 just for you! Bring a mini fan, I loved having this. If you are someone who gets cold at night then bring a comfy blanket of your own. Have someone bring you shower shoes because laying in that hospital bed makes you feel gross and you’ll want to shower ASAP especially if you are staying for awhile. As for what to bring in your bag when you go into labor, I plan to do a full blog post on what I’m bringing soon!

If people offer to help you, let them!

So this was extremely hard for me. I hated people thinking I wasn’t capable of doing things on my own but really that’s not the case. They just want to help. Trust me, towards the end of your pregnancy you’ll want all the help you can get. Levi always has to help me get up off the couch or bed when I need to go pee. Earlier in my pregnancy I probably would have snapped at him for being too nice haha. I’m a dental hygienist so I have to stay clear of the xray machines and it was very hard for me to ask my co-workers for help or accept it. They will think no different of you! At first I felt like people looked at me like I was crippled but I got over it eventually.

Take lots and lots of photos. 

I had no problem with this because I’m a blogger and I’m constantly taking photos. My mom always tells me how she wishes so bad she would have taken more photos of her belly. Whether you take mirror photos or have someone take them of you, do it! You’ll be so happy you have them. I look back at the first trimester pictures of mine and laugh because I thought I was huge then haha!

Are you planning on breastfeeding?

Yes! It’s funny because my entire life, or atleast the part of it where I’ve thought about having children, I’ve always said I wouldn’t breastfeed. Like I’ve always been 100% against it which was honestly for selfish reasons. Halfway through my pregnancy, I completely changed my mind and decided I wanted to do it! I’ve bought a pump so if I have trouble with him latching or anything then I can atleast do that. I only plan on breastfeeding while on maternity leave though. One of the biggest things I love about the hospital we are delivering at is that immediately after birth, they’ll have me breastfeed and then have Levi bottlefeed. That way the baby knows there more than just once source of food.

Favorite place to buy maternity clothes?

ASOS and Pink Blush.

How did you deal with weight gain during your pregnancy?

I didn’t pay much attention to the scale or weight gain basically my whole pregnancy UNTIL the last couple of months. When I first found out I was expecting I weighed 115lbs, during my first trimester I lost ALOT of weight because I was so so sick. My weight didn’t bother me until I hit the 140s. Just seeing that number terrified me because I’ve never dealt with weight issues before. Yes, I know I’m growing a baby so weight gain is to be expected but still, seeing your body change isn’t always fun. I worked out on and off my entire pregnancy so I think that helped my body stay somewhat toned. Do lots of squats, lunges, walking, and stair stepper. Also, I think sticking to a workout plan during your pregnancy will help you get back into the routine of it after pregnancy. I plan on starting a workout plan as soon as I can once baby boy is here. I’m determined to get my old body back and actually look even better. Now that I’m just days away from my due date my body has started to swell, everywhere. I made a two picture collage of my face from the beginning of pregnancy to now the other night and almost had a meltdown. My face is super full/chubby right now and it’s killing me lol. You just have to remember that it will all be worth it when your baby gets here! I had my 39 week OB check up yesterday and weighed in at 154lbs.

As far as diet, I’m the worst person to get advice from lol. I basically ate anything I wanted, when I wanted it (no shame). Besides the 3-4 week period where I was on a strict diabetic diet which was extremely hard for me. I cried about it like every day. I always try to make sure I’m getting some type of fruits and veggies in 1-2 of my meals a day though. The last couple of weeks I’ve been eating hard boiled eggs so I can get a lot of protein to help with stamina during labor (this was recommended by my chiropractor).

Have you gotten any stretch marks?

Yes but luckily not very many! As soon as I found out I was pregnant I bought this tummy butter and I really do believe that it helped. I focused the lotion on my belly and towards the end of my second trimester I started putting it everywhere! It’s so weird, I’ve only gotten stretch marks on the left side of my body. Has this happened to anyone else!? I had like two tiny stretch marks on the side of my waist and then several on my inner thigh. It was very disappointing getting my first one but I just keep telling myself it could be worse! I started showing like very early into my pregnancy which I think helped my stretch marks not be so bad. I’ve progressively gained weight throughout my entire pregnancy. A lot of women I’ve talked to said they developed their stretch marks the last few weeks of pregnancy because they gained a bunch of weight towards the end! Right now I’m only gaining 1-3lbs per week.








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