March 19, 2015

Favorite Lipsticks 

(from left to right)

1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 ||6 || 7 || 8

As you can tell I’m a little obsessed with neutral colors & have quite a few favorites. There are a few of them that look very similar but I wanted to show you the cost difference if you are someone on a budget!

The first two lipsticks are from Jaclyn Hill’s Collection at Gerard Cosmetics. First is 1995 and second is buttercup. They are $19.00 a piece but right now they have a deal where you can pick 4 for $38.00 here. If I were you I would definitely jump on the deal ASAP. The formula is creamy, buttery, and long lasting. I’m always carrying these two lip products with me!

The third lip product is from the Milani Line. I just recently discovered this line at CVS within the last 6 months. So far I really like everything in their collection. This lipgloss was a little sticky at first but once settled it’s great! I’ve been pairing this with my buttercup lipstick and loving it. Can’t wait to try more of the colors.

The next two are from the Rimmel London collection and I cannot rave about these two enough. They are only $4-$5 bucks and i love these two colors. The nude is 08 and the red is 11. You can see me wearing the red lipstick here. I definitely recommend exfoliating your lips before using or applying a chapstick or something like that first. I’ve found that it makes these colors look better. You can find these at any drugstore.

I’ve been seeing the Kardashian Beauty line everywhere the last few months. One day when I was in ulta I picked up the Joystick Lip Lacquer. It’s extremely creamy which I love! There are 8 different colors and I want them all. After a few hours of wearing it almost had stained my lips which I really liked. It went from bright and creamy to matte. I didn’t have to reapply it for hours!

The last two products are E.L.F. If you’ve kept up with my blog then you know I’ve mention E.L.F alot! The first is the Lip Definer & Shaper and the second is the Matte Lip in Tea Rose. AHHH, I’m in love with both of these! I usually only use the darker side of the lip definer, the other size is a shimmery pink color which is really pretty too! The tea rose color is beautiful and definitely long lasting, I’m wearing it here (you can see it better in the second picture). The Lip Definer is very similar to 1995, so you are looking at $19 compared to $2-3.

what’s your favorite lip colorbrand?


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