July 10, 2015

Favorite Bloggers

Ever since I discovered blogs there are three that I’m constantly visiting. There are so many blogs out there and I feel like I’ve looked at/read a million, seriously. No matter how many blogs I come across I always go back to these three. I think it’s because I relate more to there blogs than anyone elses and they all three have such amazing fashion sense. Like my bank account really hates me because I want EVERYTHING on every post they have. Hope you enjoy these bloggers as much as I do<3

1. Caitlin from Southern Pearls & Curls

southern pearls and curls blogShe was one of the first bloggers I discovered and fell in love with! She seriously owns the cutest clothes I’ve ever seen and accessorizes them beautifully! I love all of her outfit posts and her posts from vacations. If you are interested in fashion at all then do yourself a favorite and bookmark her page RIGHT NOW! my favorite outfits from her blog right now are here and here.

2. Olivia from Lovely Little Style

lovely little style blog

She talks about almost everything on her blog! From just life in general to fashion, she has a little something for everyone! I think I found her blog because she wanted to the University of Kentucky and I’m from Kentucky so I seen a few people sharing her stuff. First off she’s GORGEOUS and I love all of her post! I love how she mixes it up and love her personal posts like the one she posted about her boyfriend here. Also, if you want the secret to healthy beautiful hair she has a great post here. She clearly knows what she’s talking about because I mean look how BEAUTIFUL her hair is.

3. Emily from The Sweetest Thing

the sweetest thing blogI discovered her blog from Caitlin when they both went on a trip together. I knew if her blog was anything like Southern Curls & Pearls then I would love it. She has awesome post about hair, makeup, and of course fashion. Her outfits are to DIE for. My fav outfits of hers lately are here and here. She also has a few youtube videos as well, definitely should go check them out.


If I’m stuck for outfit inspirations then I’m always going to these blogs. I also love their about me pages, I think that one of my favorite things to read on any blog. I think it’s so interesting to see how they started out. I hope you enjoy these blogs and don’t kill me if you get obsessed with them like I am and your bank account starts to show it! haha


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