December 22, 2014

Face Wash with NO Harsh Chemicals!

Up until recently I never paid much attention to what face wash I used. I didn’t look what it was made of or anything like that. After listening over and over to people preach about the importance of your skin, I decided to make a change. I actually learn about  the Neutrogena Naturals line after watching Lo Bosworth’s YouTube channel. After hearing what she had to say I couldn’t wait to try it!

naturals line

There plenty of products to this line as you can see, so far I’ve only tried the face wash. It is everything I wanted out of a face wash. I use Maybelline’s Gel Eyeliner and ladies, this stuff isn’t always the easiest to get completely off. Neutrogena’s Natural face wash works wonderfully not only as a cleanser but makeup remover. Every time I wash my face I’m always shocked that it takes my makeup, eye makeup especially, COMPLETELY off. It’s great. It leaves my face feeling fresh and not tight, like most face washes tend to do. It also has a good smell which is a plus. Another great thing about this product is that there are NO HARSH CHEMICALS! I’ve really tried lately to find more natural products which we all know can be hard!

If you are looking for a new face wash to try I would definitely recommend this one! It’s great and non-expensive.


What is your favorite face wash?


  1. Great review I’ve been wanting to try this for a while but never got myself to buy it when I run out of my current one I might give this a go.

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