February 23, 2016

Editing IPhone Photos

  I’m constantly getting asked how I edit the pictures I take with my iPhone. It’s so simple but it took awhile for me to find what apps worked best for me. I use a few different things but I wanted to talk about the 2 main apps I use. One is called Whitagram and the other PicLab. Sorry for how long this post is btw!



Out of the two apps I’m talking about today, I use Whitagram ten times more than PicLab. The before/after picture I have above is only edited by Whitagram. You can see how adjusting lighting can make such a difference. The pictures below show you how I edit the lighting on my photos. The whitagram app also has the option to hide blemishes, blur out backgrounds, and whiten your teeth. The options are endless! BTW, I’m using a white fluffy blanket as my background for this picture. By doing this you are just giving your picture a cleaner look, it also makes editing the lighting easier!

img_0625 img_0608 img_0611 img_0610 img_0609

I mainly use PicLab for the fun lighting options it has, clearly you have a lot of choices! I also love the borders and textures they have. This is just a fun app to try some funky things.

img_0626img_0627 img_0628 img_0629


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