November 25, 2014


I’ve always been a fan of E.L.F products. If you have never heard of this brand then you are really missing out. There are a ton of products and all of the ones I’ve tried have been fabulous. What makes this brand even better is that almost every single product is $3 or LESS. Yes, you read right. I use to always go to target to buy this brand where I live for college but we just got this brand in our Walmart in my hometown.

Okay, so now to the purpose to this post. My friend recently introduced me to this lip product, the lip definer and shaper. It’s absolutely amazing. There is two sides t this and even comes with a sharpener as you can see in the picture below. This product goes on matte but can be changed by adding a chap stick before, which is usually what I do. There are two colors, natural and nude. The natural is my favorite. Nude has a sparkle in it which is extremely pretty as well.IMG_2197.JPGThe only flaw I’ve found with this specific product is it isn’t long lasting but I definitely think it is worth the $3 I paid. Just to remember to reapply especially after eating or drinking. It goes on very smoothly and it just a good nude color I think everyone could pull off.IMG_2196.JPG

What is your favorite E.L.F product?




  1. This price is great, I can’t even be mad if it doesn’t last very long

  2. Elf products are so amazing!! Love your post, the lip shade is so gorgeous <3

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