March 9, 2015

dreaming of summer

dreaming of summer

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Is anyone else ready for summer besides me? We are on spring break this coming week and I think we are suppose to have some semi-warm weather! YAY!! I’m ready for lake days and riding around with the windows down. I’m taking a family vaca to the beach this summer and you better believe I’ll be rocking this beach hat. I’m in love! The beach bag is so cute and would be perfect for carrying around all your things to the beach or dinner. The bathing suit is from Victoria Secret and is actually on clearance right now.

Instead of going to the beach this year the boyfriend and I decided to stay home and save our money. Can we say #grownupprobs. It will be nice to see family and just relax this week though. We haven’t been able to do that since Christmas Break!

what are you doing for spring break?


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  1. I LOVE this look! Mint green is my all time fave; especially teamed with tan and ESPECIALLY for holiday with a tan! That bikini is so so fab – you’ve defo inspired my holiday look this year :}


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