July 7, 2014

Dr.Oz Myth


Im sure anyone who is a member of Pinterest has seen this or something like it. It’s a recipe for a whitening treatment using lemon juice of all things. Lemon juice is SO acidic, like 2.5 or something, and you would be insane to put this on your teeth for whitening. I do realize I’ve recommended baking soda for a whitening product and this Dr.Oz recipe calls for that. I’ve learned that everything used to whitening teeth is bad for them but if you want white teeth then you gotta make some sacrifices somewhere. Any kind of whitening product breaks down the enamel in your teeth. Personally, I feel as if baking soda is the best and safest way to whitening your teeth. So please reconsider before using the lemon method!


XOXO, here’s to keeping your teeth healthy!


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