July 15, 2014

Curling 101.

Over the years I’ve curled my hair a million different ways. Some days I’ll look back at pictures and think “what the heck was I thinking”. I like for my hair to have a little messy look when styling it. I just feel like it doesn’t look right if every piece of hair is perfectly curled.


Tip 1: Play with your curls

whenever you get done curling (especially tight spiral curls) mess it up a little, run our fingers through it or a comb. When I used to spiral curl my hair I flipped my hair upside down, put my fingers towards my scalp, and shook out the curls. Usually I spray a little hairspray over it before I flip my hair back over.


Tip 2: Brushing out your curls

I’ve been using this tip for the last year while curling. I know y’all have probably seen how girls curl their hair with a wand, well I’m horrible at using a wand. I’ve tried a million times and my hair looks ridiculous! So, I use a regular 1″ curling iron but do the same curling concept you do with a wand, I just don’t use the clamp. Once I’m done curling I let it set for a little, just to cool down. Then I take a comb, spray some hair spray on it and run it through my hair a couple of times. This gives it more of a wavy look. For girls with thinner hair, brushing out your curls will also help your hair look thicker!!

Screenshot 2014-07-14 22.57.53

this is what curling with tip #2 looks like!


Let me know what ways you curl your hair!



  1. I’ve definitely had those ‘what the hell’ moments look back at old photos of me attempting to curl my hair! Especially old moments of hard crispy over-hairsprayed curls. I’d like to think I’m better at it now!

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