February 28, 2015

Concealer 101


I use to never conceal my face whether it was for blemishes or brightening up my under eye area and now I can’t imagine not using concealer. I wanted to go over one of the number one mistake I feel like all girls make when first starting to use concealer.

As you can see in the picture above there are two types of concealers you can use, one in a tube that you can pump out and one in a compact round container. When deciding on shades, I always get my Mac Pro Longwear concealer a shade or two lighter than my face. As for the Mac Studio Finish Concealer I personally get a shade that matches my foundation color.

The Mac Studio Finish Concealer is thick and harder to blend. This is the concealer you would use for problem areas on the face. By using the thicker concealer under your eyes it will cause it to crease and build up in your fine lines which you do not want! I’ve made that mistake before. I apply this concealer with a flat top foundation brush to blend it.

The Mac Pro Long Concealer is the one that you use underneath your eye and on your eye lid. It is a thin concealer but full coverage and easy to blend. Basically feels like there’s nothing there. This will brighten up your eyes so much! Once applying under your eye you will want to set this area, I do so with Anastasias Contour Kit with the banana powder. By applying this to your eye lid, it will act as a primer for your eye shadow and make it long lasting. I blend this concealer with a beauty blender. I’ve found the blender gives you more of a flawless finish when concealing and applying foundation.

hope this helps!


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