December 16, 2016

Change Up Your Hair Routine with BLNDN

Today I’ve teamed up with BLNDN to bring you some amazing hair products. I’m always looking for products to try and I was so excited about these. If you’d like to know my opinion on these then keep reading for a complete & honest review!

The Packaging:

I absolutely love the sleek white bottles with BLNDN engraved on them. As soon as I opened the packaged I loved the way they look. They were easy to open and use which is always a plus!

Smell & Consistency:

You know when you get your hair professionally done and the way your hair smells after, this reminds me so much of that! Every time I wash my hair I feel like I’ve gotten it professionally done lol. I love the way every single product smells. The shampoo and conditioner are like expected when it comes to consistency. The shampoo is purple and shiny! I always laugh when I wash the shampoo out of my hair and all the water in the tub is purple. The Save You Balancing Cream seemed a little runny to me at first but once using it, it was totally fine.

Brighten You Shampoo & Nourish You Conditioner

I have been using these for a few weeks now. So far I love them and have not used any other shampoo & conditioner. I only wash my hair 3-4 times a week depending on what my schedule is like so these fix into my hair routine perfectly. On the website it says to use these two products at least twice weekly. It is sulfate-free, paraben-free for those of you who are really into knowing exactly what is in your products. I feel like my hair is definitely brighter and softer! So far I’ve only had one downfall to the shampoo. Like I said previously I only wash my hair a few times a week. By the last day, my hair can be pretty dirty and when using the shampoo it takes more than I’d like to use to feel like my hair is completely clean. I don’t want to waste product doing that but I felt like I needed to! If my hair is semi-clean already then I had no problem with that. The conditioner helps shine and restore vibrancy to your hair!

Save You Balancing Cream  

This was the product I was most excited to try! I’m a sucker for leave-in conditioners and have always used them. I think they do wonders for your hair. I definitely noticed my hair feeling softer after using this, and less frizzy too! I use it when my hair is damp. If you are someone whos hair gets dried out easily, apply some throughout the day on dry hair! The website says “For more balanced tresses, apply 2 to 4 pumps on damp hair as a leave-in smoothing cream. Use on dry hair as a finisher throughout the day for a little taming and hydration. Hair will become increasingly restored with extended use”.  So far I’m in love with this product!

Hold You Holding Hair Spray

First off, I love the way this smells! It just has a clean scent and it’s amazing. I like how when you initially spray it, it feels a bit stiff but once it sets, it’s not stiff at all. I definitely think it’s helped hold my curls better. Here lately I haven’t used hair spray at all in my hair but I’ve been using this every time I’ve styled my hair. So far I’m impressed!

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed trying these products and love this brand. I’ve noticed my hair is more soft and less frizzy. Also, it has definitely lightened up my hair within the few weeks I’ve used it.  I’m going to try their dry shampoo next! Get 20% your order with code:  BETHANY20! Shop here.

What product are you going to try first?

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