January 2, 2015

Burke Finds


I want to start out saying I did not purchase any of this! If you read my last post then you know I’m going 30 days with NO SHOPPING! I can thank my wonderful mother for these items and for getting me through the next 30 days. But in all fairness, I got these things on the 31st so technically before my 30 days started.

Any ways, Burkes in this department store close to my hometown. It is kind of like one of those hit or miss stores and this time they had some great stuff! First, I found the hat for only $12. I’ve been going back and forth for awhile now trying to decide whether to get one but I broke down. Not sure if I can pull it off or not but it’s worth a try.


I’m in love with these shoes! Theres not much I can say about these besides that they are perfect! They have cute cut outs and rhinestones. Really comfortable as well and only $15!


I thought these were super cute and they were only $3 a piece! Can’t wait to wear them.




  1. I love experimenting with hats 🙂 they make me feel so mysterious and fashionable.

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