July 9, 2015

Bucket List Update

At the beginning of the summer I posted the Summer Bucket List my boyfriend and I came up with. I worked the entire month of June while he had a summer class so it’s been a slow start to marking things off our list. This past week though we got some stuff marked off so I just wanted to share all the things we’ve marked off so far! The first week or so of summer we traveled to Nashville with some friends for a fun night! We’ve both been there before but never together. We ate at Margaritaville and danced the night away at Tequila Cowboy. It was such a fun night!
  I had never been to a drive-in before so of course I wanted to go to one this summer. We watched the Jurrasic World movie and it was awesome!   We got invited to go out on Barren River Lake, which we’ve never been on before, a couple of weekends ago. We tubed, cliff jumped, and Levi got on the rope swing. It ending up being such a beautiful, sunny day and Levi got sooo burnt!

On the 4th we all rented a pontoon and went out on the lake for the day! There was a chance for rain all day but it held off and it ended up being a pretty nice day! Great way to start the 4th off.


Like I mentioned in my original Bucket List post there is a small bar close to campus called Bettys ( we like it call it sweaty Bettys). It has karaoke and it’s so funny to watch people get up there and sing (I’ve done it a couple of times). I’ve been three times but Levi hadn’t so of course I had to take him at least once before he moves to GA.

hope you enjoy!

what’s on your summer bucket list?



  1. So fun to follow along and see what you’re checking off of your list 😉 You two are so cute!

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