July 19, 2015

Blogging Beginners

tips for new bloggers

1. Picking a Name

The day I started my blog all I wanted to do was talk about beauty hacks and reviews, at least that was my intention. Now as you can see my blog consist of fashion, beauty, and life in general. I know every blogger grows and you really find what it is you want to blog about as time goes on so it’s understandable that sometimes the name of your blog just doesn’t fit your content anymore. So once I realized I wanted to change it up I decided on SimplyBethany, that way if I ever changed my blog content again it would still fit. I wish I would have waited and created my blog after I really thought about what I wanted out of my blog.

2. WordPress.com VS wordpress.org VS blogger

So far I have loved wordpress.com and I haven’t had any problem with it. I’ve been blogging for a little over a year now and I really want to grow my blog as much as possible. Personally I think that if you really want to do that you should use blogger or wordpress.org. With those two you have unlimited control over what you put on your blog and how you design it. With wordpress.com you cannot have plug-ins like google+,etc and you cannot upload your own template. Yes, they have free ones which are great but also have ones you can pay for which is also great. I just wish I would have started out on blogger because now that I want to make the switch it’s been such a hassle plus I’m scared TO DEATH which is why I haven’t made the switch yet.

3. Future

I know this one may sound silly, especially to new bloggers. When I first started my blog I never in a million years thought it would grow as much as it has and believe me I know that I still has so much growing to do as a blogger. I learn new things everyday and by no means am I a professional! I didn’t think about long term when I first started my blog but now I really enjoy it and hope to one day make it into a career along with my future full-time career as a DH. If blogging is something you are very passionate about then you should definitely be thinking about the future of your blog and what you want it to become.

4. Consistency

This is something I found to be hard to accomplish at first. I post every single day unless I don’t have great content. No, posting every day is not necessary to have a successful and great blog but it’s something I love to do. Now when I’m in school during the fall and spring the amount of times I post is a different story but I still stay consistent and try to let my readers know what kind of posting schedule I have. Between the end of the spring semester and summer I took about two weeks off because I knew I couldn’t put up great consistent content while taking finals and moving. If you stick with your blog you will see your readers who come back every day to read your post and you want them to keep coming back, this is where consistent posting comes into play.

5. Quality not Quantity

When I look back at my first post I think “good lord these pictures are horrible”. I was always taking photos with my iPhone in horrible lighting. When you start looking at another persons blog the first thing you notice is their pictures or at least it’s the first thing I notice. Your pictures are going to make people keep reading or exit off the screen. You don’t necessary have to have an expensive camera to have nice pictures. Read Caitlin from Southern Pearls and Curls post How To Take a Good Instagram Photo, she explains everything perfectly! I just bought a Fujifilm Finepix s9250 which I’m loving so far! I’ll definitely upgrade in the future but for now it’s a great camera. I’ve definitely noticed a change in traffic since I started posting better quality pictures.


I love reading blogs where I can tell they have an accent or their personality just shines through. There are a million blogs out there so you have to find some way to stand out. Pouring your personality into your words will definitely help. Write about what you love, nothing more. If someone wants you to sponsor your post, only do it if you love the product and it fits your blog. I was guilty of just accepting whoever emailed me to write about their product which was silly. It’s okay to say no, just be polite and explain why.


All of these opinions are my own. I am by no means a professional blogger but these are some tips I wish I would have known before starting a blog. I hope this helps any of you wanting to start a blog or the ones who already have a blog but need some tips!



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  1. Marielli_ says:

    Love this ❤️? definitely helps me with my blog and I love blogger as well I will most definitely make a blogger app and fix it up I just hate the blogger app they need to fix it

  2. Love all of these tips. I agree that I wish I’d started on Blogger too, but I’m terrified to change over in case I lose everything! Great post 🙂 Joanna xxx

    • Thank you! I’ve tried changing over like three times but I never can get everything on there right. Everyday I wish I would have started on blogger! Maybe one day we will both figure it out and get our stuff switched over! Good Luck!
      Thanks for reading!

  3. Great post! I just started out recently, and am getting the hang of it some 🙂 xoxo Give mine a read if you can trendyrockstar.com

  4. Great tips, Bethany! Right now I’m working on the consistency and photography aspects. It can get tricky but dedication leads to a great reward! I’m happy to see that your blog is doing well 🙂


  5. You know what, thats so interesting. I’ve heard so many better things about wordpress THAN blogger and I’M scared to death to make the switch LOL how ironic?? Do you think you could elaborate on why you like one more than the other?


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