November 2, 2017

Birth Story 

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I cannot believe I’m finally writing my birthing story! My pregnancy seemed forever long and now it doesn’t feel real that it’s over. It feels amazing to have my body back. I already feel back to my old self! So now for the story!

Friday 10-27-17

Another day of being miserable and huge. Levi called me that day and asked if I wanted to go to a Halloween party that night. Honestly, I wasn’t feeling up to it but my mom told me that I needed to get out and do stuff while I still could! So I sucked it up, googled easy Halloween costumes and got ready! We didn’t get back in that night until sometime around 1am. I was up all night, literally waking up every 30 min to an hour either to pee or sit up because baby boy was in my ribs. I just remember thinking “I’m never going to have this baby”. The last time I woke up it was 4 something and the next thing I knew, my water broke!

Saturday 10-28-17

My water broke around 5:30 Saturday morning. I’m not kidding ya’ll, it was like something off of a movie. I had always heard your water breaking was like peeing on yourself a little, well for me it was the complete opposite. I couldn’t believe your body held that much water! I immediately ran to the bathroom, yelled at Levi to wake up, and called our parents (who live in KY and had to drive 5 hours to get to us). I always told myself I would take my time after my water broke and slowly head to the hospital. Well, I had just lost so much water and was a nervous wreck about the whole thing I wanted to get to the hospital ASAP. Levi and I made sure all of our things were packed, cleaned the apartment a bit, then headed to the hospital.

Even though my water broke, I wasn’t feeling any contractions. I felt completely normal. I was honestly in shock and couldn’t believe it was actually happening. Once we got to the hospital we checked in and got settled into a room which was around 7am. The nurses checked me pretty quickly and I was only dilated to 2 cm which was super disappointing. At this point, they did an IV to hook me up to fluids and start Pitocin. As soon as they started the Pitocin my contractions started in. They quickly got stronger but stayed inconsistent! Every time they would come in to see me, they upped my Pitocin. They were getting extremely painful and mine were all in my back. I never felt one contraction in my stomach. Around 2pm, I went ahead and asked for my epidural. Not going to lie, it hurt pretty bad but the relief was amazing. About 30 min after the epidural, they checked me again and I was only 3cm.

Honestly, the whole day was a blur. I was on so much medication that I was in and out of it. When I was awake, mine and Levi’s family said I was mumbling and wasn’t making any sense lol. At one point, my epidural started to wear off in my left butt cheek, haha, so the doctor came in and gave me some stronger medication which really made me loopy! The doctor didn’t come back in again until 10:30, she checked me again and I was still stuck at 3cm. After so much Pitocin, she recommended a cesction because she didn’t think he was ever going to drop completely. I took a deep breath and just told myself it was all in God’s hands and that I did everything I could to have a vaginal birth.

To my surprise, she said they would come up to get me in 30-45 minutes and take me to the operating room. I was fighting back tears but luckily my mother and sister both had csections in the past so they were giving me all the info! I was soo tired from laboring all day and the meds, that I just about fell asleep on the way down to the operating room and while they were prepping me. I’m not going to lie, the csection was no fun! It was a lot of tugging and pressure which I hated. I was burning up the whole time but shaking to death. At one point, all the gas in my belly rushed up to my neck and shoulders and I was in SO much pain. I remember looking at Levi and saying “We are never having any more kids”. I changed my mind quickly after seeing my little guy for the first time!

Recovery was rough for the first hour but Levi stayed by both mine and Asher’s side the whole time! Once they laid Asher on my check, all the pain and discomfort went away. I was so in love. Levi and I got to do what our hospital called the golden hour which is basically just parent and baby time! Levi and I both got to do skin to skin contact with our baby boy then I got to breastfeed.

Oh, by the way Asher weighed a whopping 10 pounds 1 oz. The doctors were in shock that I carried such a big baby and so was I. I knew he was going to be a chunk but wasn’t expecting that! Now we are home and both doing great. Recovering from a csection hasn’t been near as bad as I thought it was going to be. I have a great support system and not sure I could make it through without them.





  1. Oh my goodness! Our birthing stories sound so much alike.. with my 1st! but I had to be induced first, and they broke my water.. I pushed for 3 hrs and he just wasn’t coming out!!! So I ended up having a c-section as well.. & that was my LEAST FAVORITE part too was how bad you shake.. it’s like nobody talks about the shaking yet almost everyone experiences it… So happy to hear your recovery isn’t that bad though! Asher is a perfect baby boy.. CONGRATS GF!!!

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