January 10, 2017

Bedroom Inspo.

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If you don’t already know, I’m moving to ATL this summer after graduation. I’ll be moving in with my long term boyfriend and his apartment is serious need of a makeover or atleast a little girl touch, haha! He already knows when I get there I’ll be redecorating our bedroom. I went to Target yesterday to get some inspo and ya’ll, they have the best décor right now! Everything above is from Target.

I’ve been huge into wood lately. I think that’s mainly because I know I’ll be moving in with Levi soon and I want our room to be gender friendly. These dressers are definitely on my list when I start buying. Simplicity has been my go to lately and I plan on sticking with that.

Hope you enjoy and get some inspo!



  1. OMG gorgeous! Love the tapestry! Decorating rooms are so much fun, it just adds up so fast haha!


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