September 25, 2014

Beauty Review.

When it comes to powder foundations Ive always used the same one. Covergirl has always been to my go to, it’s never failed me. Recently I decided to change, and I’m glad I did! Here lately I’ve hated the way my makeup looked throughout the day, it just didnt look “fresh”.


This powder is amazing. I know I’ve said this before but this stuff has really changed my life! I use shade Nude 40.I apply it at the beginning of my day; I’ll go to work, school, take a nap, then maybe even workout(usually I don’t do this but hey, a girl can be lazy sometimes), and my face looks exactly like it did when I first applied it that morning! I mean WOW. I’m encouraging EVERYONE to go buy this stuff right now and try it. I promise you won’t be sorry!





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