February 10, 2017


purple hoodie(similar) // shoes // sunnies

Collage:(L to R) leggings 1 // leggings 2 // leggings 3 // leggings 4

pink sports bra // bottle // grey sports bra

nike tank // jacket // top

So this year I’m jumping on the bandwagon of trying to be healthy and working out regularly. It seems like every time I finally get in a constant routine something happens and I miss a couple days then just completely stop all together. I’m determined that year this will be different!

I’m committing to working out atleast 3 days a week (more if I can) and eating somewhat healthy! In the past, I’ve changed my diet complete and quit things cold turkey. For example, no sweets, carbs, chips, cokes, etc. This time around, I’m cutting some of those out but not completely. If I want to have a coke one day, I’ll do it but it isn’t part of my every day meal if ya know what I’m saying!

I started taking pre-workout which I think has really helped me stay motivated! This one is the one I use. I’ve also been taking aminos after my workout! You can take them before, during or after, it all works the same. I just bought some protein and I’m excited to try it. I dedicate one day to arms, another to back/shoulders, and then one to legs/butt. I’m going to start trying to do fasted cardio two times a week as well!

What’s your fav workout routine or supplement?




  1. The athleisure look is one of my favorites! Love how you styled it and it looks so cozy.

    xo, Amanda | http://www.thegoldengirldiary.com

  2. Yes girl! I’m all about athleisure!! I’m obsessed with the leggings you have on!!


  3. Loving your workout wear picks!! I am a sucker for cute leggings.

    xx, Taylor | http://www.thestyledpress.com

  4. Yes! Loving this look! That sweatshirt is so oversized and cozy!


  5. You look so cute in your work out gear. I do my work outs from home. I love to do Insanity!

    Xo, Gabriela Vera

  6. I love the color of that sweatshirt! Working out in style always makes it a little easier 😛


  7. Obsessed with the athleisure trend!! Great picks babe. Loving this bright hoodie on you too! Such a pretty color!

    Courtney http://www.whatcourtwore.com

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