March 7, 2015

All Leather Everything 


I have search and search for the perfect pair of leather leggings for months! I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg for them either. I walked into Platos Closet a week or so ago and found these for $5.00!! They are from forever 21 and I’m literally in love!! Not only do they photograph beautfullly but they make an outfit stand out so much more than regular black leggings. You can wear these so many ways, with a graphic tee, sweater, tank, etc. Here are a few things I would put with it:

sweater \ graphic tee \ tank  \ my booties

thanks for reading!


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  1. Love your blog!

    Have recently started blogging & would be very happy if i can have your feedback 🙂

  2. Very cute look! Absolutely love your haircolor! 🙂

  3. Simple and cute!

  4. Love this look! That sweater is everything!

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