December 5, 2014

Acne Magic!

There are so many products I’ve been wanting to try lately but just can’t bring myself to spend the money. I mean it’s not like the prices are outrageous but for a broke college kid spending $17.00 on a 1oz. bottle seems ridiculous to me! After winning a Ulta gift-card at work I finally got my chance to purchase the Mario Badescu drying lotion.

I heard Jaclyn Hill talk about this product in her skin care video months ago and have been DYING to buy it. I’ve never been a person with bad skin, luckily. BUT I do have these annoying bumps on my face that are the color of my skin and they drive me insane. Plus I get an occasional blemish here and there.

Below is a picture of the product.



This stuff is magic! HOLY COW….I’ve used it once and every blemish is completely gone,  just vanished. I’ve heard from reviews that if you have a severe blemish it usually takes two nights for it to be completely gone but since mine were minor it was gone after one use!


Excuse how goofy I look! You simply insert  a Q-tip directly down to the bottom of the bottle where the pink stuff is settled. DONT SHAKE THIS STUFF UP! Pull it right back and out apply to every place you have a blemish. Let it dry and sleep with it on overnight. In the morning wash your face like normal and you’re done. You should definitely see a difference.

If you are someone who has bad acne or someone who hasn’t found the right product to treat your blemishes then I would definitely recommend this product. Usually I would recommend something after using it only once but since I’ve read sooo many reviews on it I feel comfortable doing so.


How has this product worked for you guys, that is if you’ve already used it!



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