July 7, 2016

7 Ways to Stay Motivated This Summer


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I’m not gunna lie, this summer it’s been tough for me to get in the gym as much as I should & there has been days where I’ve really slacked off. I’ve never been a person who made fitness a priority but someone who went when they had time. Around March of this year I told myself I would get in the gym 5-6 days a week and I did it. I finally started seeing changes in my body that I was happy with and didn’t want to stop going. Well summer break came and I moved back home for the summer. I’m from a small town and we have a couple of super small gyms. I felt like I would be wasting my money by buying a membership so since June I’ve been really slacking off. There for the first few weeks of summer I was constantly doing at home workout with the few weights I had and running every morning. I’m trying to get back into it but it’s a working progress! With that being said I wanted to throw out a few things that might help not only you but me stay motivated this summer!

1. Create a gym playlist on your phone.

My boyfriend is a gym addict & he’s always listening to music that gets him pumped for the gym. He’s constantly telling me to do the same! If we ride to the gym together he has the radio blaring.

2. Buy yourself some new workout gear.

Look good, feel good. That is always my motto no matter what I’m doing.

3. Try a new workout you’ve never done before.

I’m always on pinterest trying to find workouts I’ve never seen before.

4. Find a workout buddy.

I’m so much more motivated in the gym when someone is with me. My excuse always use to be that I didn’t want to workout alone. Having someone there with you makes such a difference because they can push you when you feel like giving up or quitting.

5. Find a picture of you #bodygoals and make it your phone background.

This is a little silly but I’ve done it before, no joke! Every time I would get on my phone I would see that picture and it automatically made me want to get in the gym right then!

6. Take before/after pictures of yourself.

It may take you awhile to see changes but once you do you won’t want to stop!

7. Take a workout class.

At school they offer so many different classes and its FREE. I have no clue why I don’t go to one every night lol. I use to think I would feel so awkward going to them and sometimes I do but you get over it real quick. Chances are everyone in there probably feels just as awkward as you do and when the class gets going nobody will care. All you’ll be thinking about is running to get water right after haha.

Well guys, those are my tips for staying motivated this summer! I hope it helps. Let me know what some of your fav things are to stay motivated or your favorite workout. I would love to hear from you.



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